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We believe that legal services should be accessible to every Australian. Our team has several decades of combined experience, with in-house specialists in property law, asset protection and financial hardship.

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Master Wealth Control

Safeguard Your Wealth While You Profit Safely

With Master Wealth Control you can stop creditors, the government and lawyers from touching your most important assets. Learn how you can protect your assets, grow your wealth and leave a legacy with our “done-for-you” lifetime legal service.

Other Products And Services

Debt Management Service

With Debt Management Service, you’re no longer alone. Our experienced team of debt specialists will support you by negotiating your debt with creditors on your behalf. We also guide you through the process of financial recovery.

Wills And Estate Planning

If you have an ordinary will, or no will at all, then your whole legacy may be lost by your beneficiaries. Protect your legacy and preserve your wealth for future generations with our wills and estate planning service.


Purchasing and selling property can be stressful. We aim to protect your interests and to ensure that your conveyancing transaction runs as smoothly as possible, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Choose DGI Lawyers

If you need help, the best person to ask is someone who has been in your exact situation; a person who can offer ‘real world’ advice. That’s what makes DGI Lawyers different.

Unlike other advisors, our founder, Dominique Grubisa, is a successful property investor and developer. She has held, owned or invested in more than $60 million worth of property.

Not only that, several years ago Dominique lost everything through no fault of her own. She ended up with millions of dollars in debt. But she recovered, and today she helps thousands of people to protect their assets and recover from financial hardship.

That’s why DGI Lawyers specialise in the three areas: Property Law; Asset Protection and Financial Hardship (or Credit Laws).

What people have to say about DGI Lawyers

  • Alvaro

    “I Personally would like to thank DGI Lawyers for the professional and attentive service you have provided heather and myself on this property.”

  • Ange

    “We engaged with DGI Lawyers and immediately they came up with a solution that was rational and realistic opening the way for a positive outcome.”

  • Christine

    “Lovely to have some support, you guys are really impressive, thanks again for listening to me and being so responsive.”

  • Nichole

    “Dom, Ankita is an asset & her team. I’m very grateful for all her help on this one.”

DGI Lawyers is a division of DG Institute. Our mission is to empower every day Australians to grow and protect their wealth. We do that by educating our clients on how to grow their wealth through property education. We also provide legal services to ensure people protect their assets effectively and do their succession planning. In addition, we assist clients with their finances and accounting to support their wealth journey.

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